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Fulfilling the Purpose of Mobility Access

There are various purposes for which you may require an access ramp, but the main purpose is usually making areas more accessible for people with disability. Disability access ramps are extremely useful for people who whose a mobility scooter or wheelchair, a rollator or walking frame, or individuals who are dependent on walking sticks to move around.

Regardless of what your individual requirement is, getting accessible ramps for people with a disability can help them reach a certain height where you actually need to use steps. Without the accessibility ramp, people with walking difficulties and those who use wheel-based carriages would find it highly challenging to move about that place.

All in all, the accessibility ramp is indeed one of the best means of enabling mobility challenged people to access different levels of heights – both outdoors as well as indoors. There are different types of mobility access ramps. Before you proceed with installing one according to your requirement, find out which one you really want.

Types of Accessibility Ramps

While some ramps can be adjusted on a temporary basis, others are installed permanently. The following are some different types of portable accessibility ramps that you can consider:

  • Suitcase ramps

These lightweight, portable ramps can be easily carried in your car to wherever you like. In fact, you can take these ramps with you in the aircraft or train. They are called suitcase ramps because they resemble an attaché case or suitcase with a handle when not in use.

These accessibility ramps can be unfolded into 2 or 4 interconnected sections. They could be up to six feet long and the width would match a standard size of wheelchair. These are reliable ramps because they can easily carry a wheelchair with the person of up to 200 pounds.

Suitcase ramps are usually made of fiberglass or metal and can easily be used for access into a building as well as a vehicle.

  • Roll-Up Ramps

Another portable ramp is the roll-up ramp. This one’s highly recommended by people who use them and describe them as stronger, tougher, and made from hardwearing construction. Also, it is bigger in length and more suitable in areas where there are more steps of height.

However, they are available in various strengths and lengths and you can get one according to your requirements. The best part; you can easily roll them up in a cylinder when not in use. You can even get these accessibility ramps in two separate singles for left and right, so it can easily be adjusted according to the width of mobility scooter or wheelchair.

These ramps are highly portable and often recommended for venues with limited disability access such as shows, special occasions, events, etc.

If you are looking forward to buying a ramp to use with mobility scooter or wheelchair, make sure you keep your requirements in mind before finalizing your selection.

In case you are still confused about what to buy, seek for professional assistance at www.asnpl.com.au. We can fulfill your disability guidance needs through our experience and expertise in Disability Access Consultancy and help you decide the best disability access ramp according to your requirement.

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