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Disabled Accessible Bathroom Plans – Information You Have Been Missing!

It is almost impossible to find homes that cater to the specific needs of handicapped users and disabled people. In fact, finding a home plan that suits your needs is quite difficult these days. While you might compromise on other things, it is very important to demand appropriate and comfortable bathrooms for disabled people. In case you can’t find a home like that, you can always look for a reliable agency that will make those required changes for you.

wheelchair toiletsWhen thinking to buy accessible floor plans for the disabled, there are various factors that you need to think over. Before looking for professional advice or for a provider of home plans or bathroom floor plans for handicapped users; you should first identify the needs of the person you are dealing with. Different disabled and handicapped people have different needs. So instead of settling for a ready-to-use plan, get a customized one done for yourself. Professional providers should not have a problem with this. They should be able to customize bathroom baths for disabled access according to your individual requirements.

As far as the bathroom floor plan is concerned, the first thing you should check is that whether the bathroom is safe enough to be used by a disabled person. It should not feature functions or contain objects which can be harmful for the disabled people. Especially if the person has recently become disabled following an accident, using the bathroom without the assistance of a family member or nurse could be a nightmare on its own. However, if the bathroom is built safely and according to the design for a disabled accessible plan, it will make it easier for the disabled person to feel secure in the bathroom without any assistance. In short, they will be able to take care of their personal hygiene without any fear.

The following are some factors you need to pay attention to:

The Entrance: The floor plan should suggest same level bathroom entrance – no steps or similar obstacles. The entrance should be accessible for people with a wheelchair and should be wide enough for comfortable entrance and exit. It is ideal if the entrance is 36 inches or more. If privacy is not an issue, the entrance can be designed with a sliding door or curtain. However, if you still want to go with the traditional door, make sure it can be unlocked from the outside.

Bathing: Walk-in showers or walk-in tubs are the best for disabled people. In fact, some bathroom floor plans can include a roll-in shower. This allows disabled people in wheelchairs to directly enter the shower. In case you want to go with that option, make sure the wheelchair is designed accordingly and is made from water-friendly and stainless material.

Toilet Seat: It is ideal for bathroom plans designed for disabled people to have higher toilet seats because that gives them easy access. The best height is 18 inches. You can also consider installing grab handless on the sides of the toilet seat for additional assistance.

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