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As a business, we recognise the need to capitalise on the skills and talents of all segments of our diverse community. With four million Australians identifying as having a disability – a figure that will increase as our population ages – we are committed to building the representation of People With Disability (PwD) into our workforce.

Already, our proactive approach to employing PwD means this important group is represented across our business.
Where needed, we provide accommodations — a modified workplace, specialist equipment or tools — to ensure our PwD employees are able to realise their potential.

Profile: Todd Wright –disability has not held this IBMer back.

Proactive recruitment

IBM proactively seeks to employ graduates and professionals with a disability. Our recruitment specialists are trained in disability employment and hiring practices and we communicate this focus to our recruitment supplier agencies.

To build and encourage the pipeline of candidates, IBM participates in an external national wide mentoring program for tertiary students with a disability facilitated by the Australian Employers Network on Disability.

Building accessibility

We are continually improving our premises to ensure all IBM offices are accessible to employees, clients and the general public.

Computer access

IBM provides modified workstations and specialist IT equipment for employees with disabilities.We are committed to developing and using technology to improve access in the workplace. IBM has several Accessibility Centres around the world and a website (US) dedicated to assistive technology in the workplace.

Communications access

IBM’s instant messaging service helps our deaf employees to communicate with their colleagues. We also support video remote interpreting and live remote captioning and encourage hearing employees to undertake deafness awareness training.

Disability Employee Networking Group

With a senior executive as its sponsor, this Group actively supports employees with a disability and provides feedback to the company.

Disability awareness training

Awareness training is offered to IBM’s Human Resource community, Real Estate, Procurement and Diversity Contact Officers.

Career advancement

We make sure employees with a disability are included in all our high-potential succession planning strategies

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