Suppliers of Disability Access Products

ASN provides the below supplier information and contact details of Disability Access Products in a manner that is impartial and in no form does ASN receive royalties, kick-backs or the like for referrals and recommendations. All listings are provided to the best of ASN’s knowledge and are current and up to date at the time of listing.

Suppliers of disabled access products for meeting the Australian access requirements of the NCC (BCA), Australian Standard AS1428.1 – 2009, Australian Standard AS1428.2 – 1992, Australian Standard AS1428.4.1 – 2009 & , Australian Standard AS2890.6 – 2009. Please note that this is also not an extensive list, rather just a starting place for accessible products. There are Independent Living Centres in each state that have a much larger database of suppliers and also the National Disability Insurance Scheme provider database has suppliers of disability service providers. The ASN database primarily focuses on the building / construction areas for products and the like.

There are many complexities when choosing the correct products to ensure accessibility, so please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns and or specific questions relating to any products. Please note that ASN is a consultative company and there may be fees applicable for verbal and written advice.

Braille Signs
Disabled Fixtures
Disability Toilet Fittings
Accessible Floor Finishes
Disabled Lifts
Disability Access
Disabled Evacuation
Disability Ramps
Accessible Other

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***Please note that listings in our database are free and there are no kick-backs or royalties required. ASN remains independent and impartial from all listings. Also noting ASN does not guarantee that any of the listings are compliant and or appropriate for a particular use with the built environment.*** Please note that ASN is a consultative company and there may be fees applicable for verbal and written advice.