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Emergency Evacuation Devices

There have been many years where a lot of attention has been given to the access, or the getting into a building. Where there has been little attention is with the getting out of the building within an emergency setting. There is however, a company that is bench-marking within this area – www.evaculife.com.au

Emergency Evacuation Smoke & Fire Hoods

Smoke and Fire Protection With The Emergency Escape Smoke Protection Hood from EvacuLife

Smoke and Fire Protection With The Emergency Escape Smoke Protection Hood from EvacuLife

An emergency escape hood is a device that is worn over the head in the event of a fire, to protect individuals from toxic smoke and fumes. With a range of 60 minutes it will protect your airways, and allow you to breathe air that is free of toxins while you exit from the danger.

The protection it gives can also allow you to help evacuate others who need assistance, such as those with accessibility challenges. While wearing the emergency escape hood you can help others exit during an emergency evacuation, without the risk of inhaling toxic fumes if it is safe to do so.

The emergency escape hood is fast and simple to use and can be correctly positioned within 30 seconds. It features an oversized hood that covers the entire head, and there is adequate room for long hair, facial hair and glasses. The large visor allows the user a wide and clear view and the cotton neck and adjustable two-point belt button ensure comfort and a secure fit.


The emergency escape hood is designed for single use application and should not be reused. It should be protected from rain and moisture and kept in a well-ventilated place, away from sources of heat, flammables, explosives and corrosives. The emergency escape hood should not be used in environments where the oxygen density is below 17%.

For more information, click on the following link Emergency Smoke & Fire Hoods

Evacuation Chairs & Sleds

EvacuLife Escape Emergency Evacuation ChairThere are many different evacuation chairs available in the market. These chairs are primarily used in assisting those with disabilities go down stairs. Some evacuation chairs are powered manually, while others are powered by a battery. Normally, evacuation chairs are operated by one person, but there are some chairs that require two people to move.

Evacuation chairs generally have 2 or 4 wheels and rubber tracks that allow for an easy controlled descent down staircases. These chairs will have an automated speed regulation and an advanced brake system. This allows the user to have a controlled descent and the use of an additional brake when necessary. The evacuation chair seat has adjustable safety straps that are used to secure the person while moving.

These evacuation chairs are extremely important for those who have mobility issues and limitations. For those that are wheelchair dependant, evacuation chairs can be crucial in an emergency situation.

Evacuation Chairs are particularly important for those persons who have mobility limitations. They are particularly useful for people who are wheelchair dependent, where in the event of an emergency are unable to use a lift and are unable to exit the building via the stairs.


Legal Overview of Evacuation Chairs

Emergency evacuation procedures are apart of the Federal and State legislation. The Occupational Health and Safety Act mentions that all employers must eliminate any risks to the employees health and safety. If it is not reasonably practical to eliminate these risks, employers must instead reduce these risks to the best of their ability.

To determine what is reasonably practical, we must look at the likelihood of the risk, how much harm would be caused as a direct result of the risk, what the concerned person knows, the possible ways of eliminating the risk, and the cost to do so.

Where Should Evacuation Devices Be Provided?

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Cinemas
  • Libraries
  • Banks
  • Aged Care Homes
  • Museums and Galleries

emergency evacuation sledEvacuLife is the leading supplier in Australia of emergency stairway evacuation devices for people with disability that meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS3745 Emergency management procedures.

To complement their range of Evacuation Chair range of products, they also sell a full range of Evacuation Sheets, Sleds, Motorised Stair Climbers & Death Care removal products for use in residential, retail, commercial, aged care and hospital environments

More details available at

EvacuLife-Emergency-Evacuation-Products   EvacuLife Emergency Evacuation Equipment Australia

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