Submitted by on February 26, 2015

Accessible Parking Bay’s (APB) are important for the inclusion and access to your building or site for individuals with a disability. It is important to ensure that all individuals including those with a disability are given equal opportunities.

A simple way to find out if your accessible parking bay complies, is to complete the following question with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

  • Is your APB far from your building or site’s accessible entrance?
  • Do the dimensions of your APB match that of 3400mm by 5400mm?
  • Is adequate signage provided at your APB with the international symbol of disability?
  • Is the path from the APB to the entrance, accessible and free from obstruction?
  • Is there a shared space next to; in front of; behind – your APB provided?

*A shared space is line marked and for use by both pedestrians and vehicles*

  • Is there a bollard provided in the shared space?
  • APB’s are required to have a gradient less than 1:33. Does your APB gradient meet requirements?
  • Is the surface of your APB firm, slip resistant and free of loose gravel and cracking?
  • Are the markings of your APB yellow?
  • Is the international access symbol central and within the allowable 800mm – 1000mm size?

Answered ‘NO’ to any of the above questions?



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