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Alternative Solution Reports

It is becoming ever increasing difficult to meet all of the Disability access provisions as stipulated in the Building Codes of Australia BCA, especially when dealing with building works on existing buildings. When it’s not possible to provide compliant access it could be possible to provide an alternative solution to provide equivalent disability access.

This is NOT a ‘get out of jail FREE card’ that gets you out of having to provide disability compliant access. Instead it is, as the name suggests, an alternative way to provide disability access than what is prescribed in the BCA and referenced Australian Standards. There are multiple situations and solutions that allow the use of an alternative solution to be implemented, however the propo

What is an ‘Alternative Solution’ Report?

To begin understanding what an alternative solution is – it is important to understand how it is defined or described in the Building Codes of Australia (BCA). For this we need to understand two (2) very important elements within the BCA:

Firstly – Performance Requirements & Secondly – Deemed to Satisfy Provisions

These two (2) elements are defined in Part-A1 of the BCA as:

Performance Requirement  means a requirement which states the level of performance which a Building Solution must meet.

Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions  means provisions which are deemed to satisfy the Performance Requirements.

What is NOT an ‘Alternative Solution’ Report?

It is Not a report to get out of providing disability access.

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