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Design Solutions

We believe that there’s a solution (that will comply) to just about all building problems related to disability access. In fact we have a saying “Anything is possible if you think about it for long enough!!”

As discussed (here) we do not support very many performance solutions for disability access – instead we prefer to work closely with design teams to develop building solutions that will be able to meet the requirements. This is the preferred approach as it aligns with the intent of the disability access provisions and creates a built environment that caters for all.

Access Solutions

We are known for creative solutions to difficult problems!!

Problem solving is one area of disability access that we are well known for – you’ve heard the statement “Thinking outside of the box!” – Well we don’t even believe there’s a box!

The more challenging the better - It really gets our creative minds going.

What to Expect

Firstly to get us onboard it is important to clearly explain what the problem is and the constraints that are impacting the ability to fully comply. Please use the form below to provide full details of the issue/s. Once we have had a chance to review the information we will send a quote for consideration. Our Design Solutions service is charged at our hourly rate – typical projects are a minimum 2hrs. Where there is a simple solution and we can provide advice verbally no charges will be applied.

We will work closely with all key stakeholders to ensure compliance is achieved.

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