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These “Accessible” Bays Make Us Look Disabled!!!

Disabled parking

It’s no news flash that since the introduction of the new accessible car parking bay configuration in the Australian Standard AS2890.6 – 2009 doesn’t really work in the real world. By this we mean that the configuration of the dedicated bay of 2.4 meters wide with a shared zone of 2.4 meters on one side create problems for people when getting in and out of their ride. This configuration can allow for the accessibility for one (1) passenger but what it negates to cater for is people with legitimate permits who are care-givers to children and therefore require good accessibility to all sides (both driver and passenger sides as well as boot access) of the vehicle.

This is a serious issue for people making use of these facilities however it’s become evident that theres a greater issue developing. These ‘DISABLED’ bays, and I use the word disabled for the exact meaning of the word. The bays have become disabled – they no longer work.

The greater issue is this – due to the configuration it now requires people to park in such a fashion that the car is off set within the bay and now crosses over the bay line markings. Essentially it now appears that people with the permit now can’t even park their cars correctly between the line – or so it seems. The below picture is a great example of this issue.

The main reason why people need to park to one side of the bay – which now means they park outside the bay lines, is so that car doors can be fully opened and mobility devices, like wheelchairs, can be manoeuvred within being hampered by the garden beds or other cars.

Some people require full access around the car to assist children etc which means they must park ‘really bad’ in order to be able to get in and around the car.

So this is a huge problem – it’s basically questioning our ability to drive – “cause we clearly can’t park between the lines”.


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