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Screen Reader – iPhone iOS

As part of a project we have been working on we were asked to investigate screen readers functionalities and iterations with QR Codes. The basic concept was to provide an alternative form of information delivery to convey information plotted on a map i.e. accessible car parking bays. We stumbled across the accessibility options within the IOS iPhone software and though to ourselves this is something that we need to share more about. To access and turn the screen reader functionality on – follow the below instructions.
  1. Tap settings 

  2. Tap ‘General’  DDA consultants Access for Blind

  3. Tap ‘Accessibility’ Blind Access Requirements

  4. Tap ‘Speech’ iPhone disability functions

  5. Turn on ‘Speak Screen’ AS1428.1 screen readers

  6. Then on the page that you would like read out to you simply swipe down from the top of the screen with two (2) fingers and a dialogue box will appear and Siri will begin reading the text on the screen. There are also some helpful controls on the dialogue box that allow the speech speed to be changed. Blind resources for screen readers DDA Consultants
  This is a great example of how technology companies are embracing an inclusive mindset. For all of your Disability Access needs please feel free to contact us. [hubspot type=cta portal=4731950 id=8a61b60b-b792-402f-b446-48442318ff29]    

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