11Aug 2016
TGSI, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators
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The provision of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI’s) on kerb ramps and pram crossings is a rather complex element within the built environment and disability access. Firstly, TGSI’s are for the purpose of providing sensory information for people with vision impairment or blindness. The requirements for the provisions of TGSI’s are contained within the Building Read More

26Feb 2015
Submitted by on February 26, 2015

A Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI) serves two (2) purposes.The first purpose is to direct individuals with a vision impairment along the safest path of travel. This known as a directional tactile. The second purpose is to alert individuals with a vision impairment of a potential hazard that lays ahead such as a stairway or Read More

26Feb 2015
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The Facts about TACTILE GROUND SURFACE INDICATORS! Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are covered by the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1428.4.1:2009 and is described as a means to assist individuals with a visual impairment. Hazard Tactile Ground Surface Indicator’s must be installed where a potential injury risk or hazard – for instance this includes, however is not Read More